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      "If he's in the woods when he heard the searchers approach how easy it would be to climb a tree until they had passed."

      It was soon bundled into the canoe together with his grub-box, his valise, and the odds and ends of his baggage.

      At last Si climbed into the saddle, as proud as a King. Seizing the long, single line running to the "leaders"by which contrivance the army team was always guidedhe shouted "Git up, thar, Pete! G'lang Susan!" and the caravan started. But the unregenerated brutes didn't go far. Si was gaily cracking his whip, trying to hit a big blue-bottle fly that was perched on the ear of one of the "swing" mules.

      He strutted after her as far as the gates, and stood there watching. She turned into the path behind the cottage, and followed it into the woods. Her idea in making the little temple her starting-point was that Don in need of succor, might haunt the paths they had followed together.Pen smiled to herself. "Nothing. Go on. You were popular in college?"


      It became generally understood during the day that the Army of the Cumberland would remain around Murfreesboro' indefinitely probably until Spring to rest, refit and prepare for another campaign. Instructions were given to regimental commanders to select good camping ground and have their men erect comfortable Winter quarters.



      "What's the matter?" he asked sharply.